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Каждый ангар в обязательном порядке в компании «Новотент» проходит предварительную контрольную сборку с целью проверки качества и надёжности конструкции. При желании на контрольной сборке может присутствовать любой потенциальный заказчик металлотентовой конструкции, заполнив данную форму:

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  Underlying purpose of order placement organization is timely production of orders satisfying the requirements of the client and technical conditions of the enterprise. Work of subdivisions of the enterprise is organized in such a way as to provide maximal rate of order placement complying with all its qualitative parameters.

Managers during order acceptance from clients thoroughly analyze a work statement and, if necessary, recommend improvements to clients, allowing to increase quality of their production.

In case of coming to a mutual agreement about conditions of joint cooperation with the client, managers formalize a supply agreement in two copies..


Design department develops sketch design according to PR 14-210. For convenience, the design department provides a 3D model so that the client could clearly see how the building will look in future.

During development of the sketch design it is defined by a tent - frame:

  • frame scheme;
  • fastener system;
  • colour of the tent;
  • location of entrances and exits;
  • material.

After approval of the sketch project by the client, the sales department manager prepares the work statement with approximate time of manufacturing and signature of the client.


  Tent cover of hangars is made of bands of special material covered by PVC on 2 sides. Bands have tight welds, executed by the method of thermal welding with hot air, thermocline or on installations of high frequency current. Tent material is resistant to petrol, oil impact.


For welding of the tent cloth, an automatic installation of high-frequency welding "Forsstrom" (Sweden) with computer control is used.


Use of this equipment provides increased tightness in the process of welding, particles confinement and durability of the article in the places of welding joints.



Welding of steel structures is executed according to the developed technological process. Necessity of application of assembly jigs, jig plates, devices etc. is defined by the Chief Process Engineer's Department on the basis of requirements of design documentation. Welding joints correspond to the requirements of GOST 14771-76, GOST 5264-80. Weld joints upon completion of welding are cleaned of slag, drippings and metal lapping.


Spacing between the arcs is selected for the snow district indicated in the technical assignment taking into account SNiP 2.01.07-85 “Loads and effects”.



Quality of surface purification from fat contaminations corresponds to the second degree of degreasing according to GOST 9.402.

Degree of purification of structures surface from oxides corresponds to SNiP 2.03.11.



After completion of production preparation, production prototype is manufactured. Only in case of positive results of acceptance and load testing of the production prototype in relation to correspondence with the design documentation, the whole batch of this order is started into production.

Controlled indicators or procedures at acceptance and delivery control:

  • Geometrical parameters of the structure, influencing its assemblability;
  • Visual control of structure;
  • Visual control of structure;
  • Completeness of set, marking, package.


Frame elements and tent panels of hangars are marked in the form of the number of position (or mark) according to the list of shipping marks (specifications) and erection diagram. Additionally, orientation marking can be applied for correct orientation of structural elements.


Marking is applied on the frame element with paint or marker, or in the form of a tag. Moreover, the marking is also applied on the package of tent panels - name of the panel, date of packing, colour of the panels (if necessary).

In the product passport, model is indicated, manufacturer's QC department mark, date of sale (shipment).


Completing units of hangars include:

  • Frame with a set of fastening parts;
  • External tent cover (separate packaged panels);
  • Internal tent cover – in case of heat-insulated variant;
  • Erection diagram, layout diagram of supporting elements of arcs for foundation development (site preparation);
  • List of deliverable assemblies (specification) and installation and operation manual;
  • Document of quality (certificate);
  • Depending on the condition of the site and foundations, the hangar may be completed with fastener means to the site (barb bolts, depth bolts etc.).

Transportation of structures is executed by highway, railway, marine and air transport according to GOST 5959-80 type U1 based on the active haulage rules in transport. Haulage and storage conditions according to GOST 15150-69.


Manufacturer guarantees correspondence of structures to the requirements of normative and technical documentation. If within the warranty period on condition of adherence to the operation, storage and transportation conditions manufacturing defects are found out, their elimination is executed at the expense of the manufacturer.

Claims can be accepted only if there is stamp of the manufacturer and sales date in the product passport.

Warranty period of storage and operation is 12 months from the date of its sale.

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