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Каждый ангар в обязательном порядке в компании «Новотент» проходит предварительную контрольную сборку с целью проверки качества и надёжности конструкции. При желании на контрольной сборке может присутствовать любой потенциальный заказчик металлотентовой конструкции, заполнив данную форму:

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Impossible is nothing

Many companies search for a reliable organization, which will be able to produce and erect a construction qualitatively, affordably and professionally for the needs of the company.

NOVOTENT company is exactly such a company, you set goals, express ideas, and we execute them qualitatively and timely. Indeed our company unites teams of real professionals of different professions, literate draftsmen, creative designers, experienced consultants, efficient production workers, professional erection crews with huge experience of tent hangars erection and, of course, responsible supervisors work with us.


We take up the most complex projects, objects huge on a construction scale, demanding considerable knowledge and experience in the construction sphere. We work on individual orders of projects, which were never erected before. We are the discoverers of new trends.

We are the leading supplier of tent-mobile covers (TMC) of defensive designation, actively used in military field exercises and during erection of storage facilities for storage of special vehicles and ammunition. TMC is the project specially developed for the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. It underwent a serious examination in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and corresponds to all special norms and standards of quality and reliability of the products. Thanks to standardization of main details, assembly of TMC takes only 5-7 days and reinforced frame allows to bear any vibrations, including from the military vehicles.

As TMC is a multifunctional structure, it is actively ordered by commercial and big industrial enterprises from across Russia. TMC can be used as a multifunctional structure for storage and repair of automobile transport, storage building, car wash, industrial premises. Structure, time-tested and designed on high standards and requirements of security agencies, is ideal for coverage of Your products and materials, and reliability of TMC gives no reasons for doubts.

We know that we can do better. For 20 years of work, we have created a considerable client base, who regularly contact us for erection of new projects and it means that famous brands trust us.

The following is among our structures:

  • large-scale project of exhibition centre, which in the terms of area is equal to the centre of Moscow;
  • big logistics centres, located all over Russia;
  • objects, erected and operated even today in the Extreme North, in rough environments;
  • objects, moving by rails;
  • tent sheds, used for organization of mass city celebrations, where over 100 000 people gather together;
  • over 2 500 tents and flaps for military designation trucks are manufactured;
  • over 300 TMC underwent expertise on reliability and quality of the construction. We tightly cooperate with military bodies on erection of unique tent-mobile covers, unequalled in the Russian Federation even as of today.
  • Compared to other organizations, we engage in most unusual projects and always come out victorious. We are leaders in that.

    We provide not only erection of buildings but we also suggest a client full set of services, from initial development up to putting the building into operation with complete set of engineering services (lighting, heating etc.). All project and construction works correspond to norms and standards as required by the legislation of the Russian Federation. With the help of well-adjusted work and properly planned technological process, we execute big volumes of construction and project works within short timeframes.

    Thanks to the system of work of the quality department and trial assembly at the stage of manufacturing, we exclude errors in the hangar.

    If you have an interesting and ambitious project or just an interesting idea, refer to us, our time-tested professionalism will help to create and bring it to life. Call us by the number 8(8552)53-71-51, realize your project with the professionals of NOVOTENT

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