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Car wash

Car wash

Car wash

Вimensions:  10х10х3 m,  type TMU

Tent covering: Ivanovoiskozh (Russia)

Year of construction:  2016

Location: Russia, Moscow region

     The construction of a car wash can be delayed for a long time, if you do not contact the company "Novotent" and do not buy a prefabricated building for a car wash. If the speed of erection is one of the main advantages, then the second major advantage is the change in its area without making any significant changes to the structure. For example, in the future, it is possible to increase it in length, adding a few arches, with the purpose of organizing a repair area.

     A special system for connecting the elements of the construction does not provide for the use of welding - everything is bolted, the frame can be assembled and disassembled and reassembled. Therefore, the building will relate to temporary structures, and if necessary, the customer can easily install a car wash in another place on his own, or again contact the company "Novotent". The car wash can be made of sandwich panels, made of profiled sheet, of high-strength PVC fabric or a combination of awning fabric with a sandwich / profiled sheet is possible.

     "Novotent" has the ability to implement any type of car wash. For example, in 2016 in the center of Moscow was built a small car wash with dimensions of 10x10x3 m. The car wash consists of a steel metal frame by type TMU and 2 layers of PVC coating with a heater between them. The tent fabric of European quality, the most resistant to high humidity, was used .. The car wash is intended for car washing. The object was realized within 2 months.

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