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Каждый ангар в обязательном порядке в компании «Новотент» проходит предварительную контрольную сборку с целью проверки качества и надёжности конструкции. При желании на контрольной сборке может присутствовать любой потенциальный заказчик металлотентовой конструкции, заполнив данную форму:

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Вimensions: 12x80x2 m,  type AK

Tent covering:  Ivanovoiskozh (Russia) 

Year of construction: 2016

Location: Russia,  Republic of Tatarstan

     In July 2016, Novotent implemented a project of a calf in the Sarmanovsky district of Republic of Tatarstan, developed by the designer department of the manufacturer, taking into account all the requirements for the correct maintenance and breeding of animals. In this frame-tent structure with a size of 12x80 m, a wall height of 2 m, there are gates on the ends, doors and ventilation grilles with dimensions of 1x1 m, along the sides of the structure there are additionally mounted lifting shutters with a manual gearbox, necessary for the building ventilation system. On hot days it is possible to lower the curtains and ventilate the building.

     Such prefabricated calf-houses are an "anti-crisis solution" for construction. It will pay off much faster than other types of buildings, while the construction of the calf "Novotent" costs 3-5 times cheaper. Before sending to the customer, the design passed the procedure of the control assembly. The frame has a collapsible structure on the bolted joint. Installation of the hangar was carried out in the shortest possible time. The calf was adopted by a specially created commission "Novotent", as well as by a commission on the part of the customer.

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8 800-500-32-51 (Russia)

Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny city