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Вimensions: 33х33х17 m,  type В

Tent covering: Heytex (Germany)

Year of construction:  2016

Location: Russia, Moscow region

     The construction and commissioning of a covered frame  and awning tennis court with the dimensions of 33x33 m, the height of the side wall of 3 m was completed. This structure is located on the territory of one of the largest medical university in the Moscow region. For year-round operation and maintenance of an optimum temperature inside a tennis court between two layers of a tent covering the heater, corresponding to a category of combustibility G1 is laid, and on walls the sandwich panel is used. The set includes 3 doors and plastic windows on the side walls of the structure in the amount of 20 pcs.

     The construction of a frame-tent structure as a hideout of a tennis court is the most far-sighted solution in comparison with capital construction, since prefabricated structures have a number of advantages. Construction cost at least 3 times cheaper than the capital construction and was carried out within a minimum period of time - literally for 1 month on a fairly easy foundation. "Novotent" guarantees high quality, reliability and long life of its structures. The metal frame itself is covered with two layers of zinc-containing paint and is designed by experienced specialists of the design department, taking into account the wind and snow loads of the plant region.

     Thus, prefabricated sports facilities "Novotent" are excellent for any kind of sports, and it is possible to contact the company with projects of any complexity. Depending on the customer's desire, sports facilities are equipped with any kinds of floor coverings, equipped with ventilation, heating and lighting systems, possibly the location of the ABK and equipment depending on the sport.

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