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Sports object

Sports object

Sports object

Вimensions: 40х70х15 m,  type D

Tent covering: Mehler (Germany)

Year of construction: 2016

Location: Russia, Leningrad region 

      The construction of awning hangars for sports purposes is the most successful solution to the problem of lack of places for sports, with a small budget and tight deadlines for construction. Frame and awning structures are suitable for the realization of projects of any purpose: tennis courts, football arenas, hockey courts, fitness centers, etc.

      Recently, the most popular were beach sports, where also found awning hangars. For example, only in 2016 the company "Novotent" implemented the 7th similar project. 2016 ended with the implementation of the project 70x40 m in the Leningrad region. This frame-tent building will be used for beach sports. Games will be held all-season due to the insulation of the structure and installation of the necessary engineering equipment.

      The using of imported high-strength PVC fabric guarantees a high aesthetics of the finished project and a significant increase in its service life. From one end, there are 4x4 m sectional gates with a wicket, and one on each side there are plastic double-leaf doors 1,96x2,05 m. The sports facility was realized on a turnkey basis by the company Novotent, starting with the drawings, engineering system.

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