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Вimensions:  18х57х4  m,  type В

Tent covering: Heytex (Germany) and metal sheet

Year of construction:  2016

Location: Russia, Perm region 

     For our regular customer, another warehouse was built in Permsky Krai Region  with a size of 57x18 m, the height of the wall was 4 m. In 2016, 2 objects were realized for him, the second of them has dimensions of 102x36 m. Hangar 57x18 m is realized according to the standard project B. For the roof, a high-strength imported white tent covering with the category of flammability G1 is used. On one side of the roof on the tent cover is the logo of the customer company. The walls of the hangar are lined with a profiled sheet of dark blue color. The set includes a swing gate 3x3 m, with a wicket door 2x1 m.

     The metal frame of the structure was sandblasted before painting. Also, without fail, as for all manufactured products, a control assembly was carried out. Only after a thorough check, the hangar was sent to the customer. For the entire 2016, we received 45% more applications for the construction of warehouses than in 2015. This is not surprising, because for almost every enterprise there is a task of storing products, but a leased warehouse is expensive and rental prices are rising. Then the enterprise thinks about its own storage space, and the awning structures are ideally suited as a warehouse in many ways:

1. Awning warehouses are mobile, that  why, if it necessary, they can easily be dismantled and mounted elsewhere.

2. It is not required to obtain a building permit from the city or regional administration. Your warehouse can also be built on leased land, since it belongs to the category of temporary structures.

3. Minimum costs for construction and operation. A white awning on the roof for 80% transmits daylight, so that during the day it will not be necessary to additionally use artificial lighting.

4. Minimum terms of erection. For example, for the manufacture and installation of the above-described 57x18 m construction took only 1.5 months.

5. Your tent warehouse can be either cold or warm when using a heater.

Consult an experienced manufacturer for advice. Our managers together with the design and technology department will help you to choose the optimal solution in the construction of the warehouse.

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