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Warehouse complex

Warehouse complex

Warehouse complex

Вimensions: 12х52, 12х32, 12х26, 12х19, 6х60  m,  type L

Tent covering: metal sheet

Year of construction:  2016

Location: Russia, Moscow region, Leningrad region

     The "Novotent" brigade realized a  frame-tent warehouse complex of 11 cold-construction constructions. Construction was carried out in the Moscow and Leningrad regions on ordinary asphalt. Covering the roof and walls - galvanized corrugated sheet. Warehouses are designed for storage of building materials. At the request of the customer, in each warehouse there are gates, fire alarm and installed lighting system. Also, before the beginning of the work, we designed and submitted to the customer project documentation for all 11 facilities.
     Almost every large company engaged in commercial activities needs warehouses. The task of the company "Novotent" is not only to ensure the safety of material values, but also to achieve maximum economic efficiency of storage, realizing warehouses in the shortest possible time. Hangars have a relatively low weight, which excludes the installation of massive foundations, reduces material costs and time to prepare the base. The frame is a lightweight prefabricated structure made of profile pipes of different cross-sections, the assembly is performed using bolts. The mobility of hangars allows them to be used as temporary structures on leased plots. After the lease expires, the hangar remains in the same property and only moves to another location. Although the hangar is positioned as a temporary structure, thanks to the use of high-quality materials, it will function well after 10 years of operation.

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