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Вimensions: 24x54x3 m,  type B

Tent covering: Heytex (Germany)   

Year of construction: 2008

Location: Russia, Rostov region

     The process of building a barn-hangar pays off much faster than the construction of a capital building. At the same time, it requires several times less expenses. The frame is constructed using steel lattice-type trusses, as well as longitudinal girders. Tent cover has high stability indicators not only to external influences, but also has high resistance to fires and ultraviolet radiation. Any mechanical damage is easily removable.

     If you need a room for cattle, then the hangar is what you need. In the process of designing prefabricated barns, our specialists pay much attention to the climate and the physical conditions in which animals will be located. Cows better tolerate the cold, rather than the heat. Well-organized natural ventilation in hangar-barns, insulated walls and roof will create an ideal microclimate for the animal.

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Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny city