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Hangar-cowshed of new type

Hangar-cowshed of new type


Вimensions: 26x156x3 m,  type AK

Tent covering: Heytex (Germany)   

Year of construction: 2013

Location: Russia,  Voronezh region

     In the spring of this year, our company produced and installed two cowsheds in the village in Voronezh region. This type of construction allows to contain more than 430 head of cattle. The main feature of cowsheds in improved ventilation. To obtain quality milk, it is necessary to provide the cows with sufficient fresh air intake. This is due to the fact that a lack of oxygen provokes heat stress and the penetration of dust into the respiratory tract. In order to ensure the correct air circulation, these hangars are equipped with a ventilator with polycarbonate flaps, which allows to regulate the size of the ventilation opening in the cold season. Thus, natural regulation of the microclimate for animals is provided.

     The size of the cowshed depends on the number of livestock and their age. You need to know exactly how many calves or adult animals will be. Also calculate the total number of stall where all the manure should be thrown off. Design of barns includes all preliminary calculations to prevent re-planning of the premises and additional costs

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